Mais Catering provides the finest full-service catering services for both corporate and social events, weddings, receptions, business breakfast/luncheons and so much more. With a strong presence in the local market that has been tantalizing diners in Kuwait since 1953, Mais Catering arrives as the complete solution to suit all your event’s needs. All you have to do is sit back, relax, and let the experts at Mais Catering help make your next event a truly remarkable experience.

When Mais Catering’s services are enlisted, we provide you with an experienced catering planner who customizes each menu and coordinates both the decor and food presentation for your event. Imagine the most elegant centerpieces to complement your menu, thematic décor for a fun experience, and even live cooking shows to engage your guests. Your dedicated catering planner will go the extra mile to realize your vision for your event.

All of Mais Catering’s offerings are prepared from the freshest ingredients delivered from specialty food growers and respected suppliers from around the globe. With its seasoned team of culinary experts, Mais Catering’s team prides itself on creating a menu that is completely customizable to suit your needs. From classic Middle Eastern delicacies to modern dishes that echo with today’s dining trends, Mais Catering’s team will go the extra mile to ensure that your event stands out from the rest.

Whether you are planning a formal service dinner, a live cooking show to impress your guests, shawarma, pasta or other stations for an interactive dining experience, a client luncheon for ten, a glorious gala for more than 1,000 guests or an authentic Middle Eastern barbecue, Mais Catering has the imagination and expertise to make your event a sensational one. Fancy creating a themed cuisine night for your next event? Mais Catering’s team will take you on a culinary journey across the world, from delicious Italian pastas to the exquisite Chinese classics, your themed cuisine night will shine and amaze your guests.

Mais Catering’s team will never stop innovating their services to adapt with customer’s changing needs. If you’re planning a seated dinner, rest assured that your menu will resonate with your event’s theme, to ensure that your guests will enjoy a memorable, fully-serviced, dining experience.

While our team of experts will recommend certain dishes, each menu will be crafted as a distinct reflection of your vision for the event.

We believe that your special event’s menu should be just that Special!